About Us

Welcome to the next generation of home audio entertainment.

Audio Zeal is Austin’s unique custom audio/video installation and design company. We specialize in home theater, hi-fi stereo, and whole house music systems that sustain performance, reliability, and your home décor. Part of embracing the modern home audio system is supporting the next generation of audio technology. The latest developments in home automation, high-definition surround sound, and wireless technology allow you to experience music and movies in new and exciting ways.

Small Space, Big Sound: Design Solutions for the Urban Dweller

If you’re a condo or apartment dweller with big ideas but limited room, let Audio Zeal customize an audio/video system that aptly utilizes your living space. Regardless of your home’s square footage, we employ equipment and design elements that complement your style and maximize your system’s functionality.

Every great audio system should entice the eye as much as the ear.

Isn’t it just about audio quality? The way we look at it, audio/video systems and good design go hand and hand. Although sound quality is a major priority, in today’s market it has to be about more. We believe audio/video systems must transcend the traditional role of big black boxes with messy cables and effortlessly integrate into a homes decor. A systems design should be a direct reflection of a home owners personal style and musical preferences. It’s our little industry niche, and we’re proud to show you how it’s done.

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